For High Schools & English Academies


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  • iTEP Academic

    For International Colleges & Universities (USA)

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  • iTEP Business

    For MNCs, Private & Government Firms, BPOs & KPOs

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  • iTEP Hospitality

    For English assessment in Hospitality Industry

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  • iTEP Customized Exam

    For Indian Colleges & Universities


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Clients of English Proficiency Study

“Year by year, economics are more globalized, work more delocalized, and information more decentralized. A shared language is a necessary tool when communication is no longer tied to geography. English is that tool, now more than ever.”

  • Educational institutions, driven by the demands of society, are increasingly embracing English language learning. Many school systems now require English study starting in primary school, much as they do math or science. University professors are delivering lectures in English to prepare their students better for life after graduation, Companies large and small, international and domestic, are mandating English as their corporate language. And individuals, whether job seekers of ambitious parents, are pouring money into private English training.
  • Yet With all this motivation and investment in English, many countries are failing to measure the results of their efforts. Are there concrete returns in the form of economic growth and increased competitiveness? It is in this context that we originally introduced iTEP to provide our users with unmatched efficiency, convenience, comprehensiveness, and affordability in learning & testing English. iTEP is a worldwide accepted benchmark in English proficiency since 2007.  iTEP is recognized as a secure, valid and reliable indicator of true-to-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation.

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We have 4 English certifications under iTEP for a defined user segment:-
  • iTEP Slate exam, for high schools & academies.
  • iTEP Academic exam, for admission purposes in overseas institute & domestic English language training institutes.
  • iTEP Business exam, for MNC, Pvt. & Govt. Companies.
  • iTEP Hospitality, for service roles in hospitality related businesses.

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